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TEN  FC Splice Module


FC Cassette.jpg

The Zettonics     FC splice modules are designed for all data centre and enterprise network applications, easy to handle and fast to install.  With tool-less installation and one click latching technology Zettonics TEN.     splice modules can be inserted and removed from both the front and the rear. They can be housed in either 1U or 2U chassis, or 0U housings. They are designed for quick and efficient installation. The removable from adapter plate enables splicing and connector loading to take place outside of the module. With simple fibre routing for ribbon and single fibre splices and cable entry suitable for M20 and M12 glands or 10mm copper tubing. 

  • Ultra High Density fibre cassette

  • Up to 8 FC fibres in each cassette

  • Secure easy access lock/release mechanism

  • Compatible with the Zettonics TEN    1U, 2U and 0U chassis.

  • Data Centre

  • Central Office, POP

  • LAN

  • Enterprise Campus

Features / Benefits







Product Specifications


Technical Drawing

Module Adaptor Plate - 8 ST.png

Top View

Side View

Front View

Module Adaptor Plate - 2 x M12.png

Rear View

Part Number

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