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Zettonics 1U Chassis

Up to 120 LC fibres.


The Zettonics 1U chassis, mountable in 19" racks (others mounts available) provides user-friendly and flexible connectivity when combined with Zettonics modules, harnesses, trunks and patch cords. The simple design allows for 5 modules to be loaded from either the front or rear with easy, fast and secure latching.

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Zettonics 2U Chassis

Up to 288 LC fibres.


The Zettonics 2U chassis, mountable in 19-inch racks (other options available) provides a flexible high density system for managing fibre terminations, cabling and patching in data centre and LAN applications, optimising rack utilisation and minimising floor space.

Zettonics Cassettes


The Zettonics​ cassettes are designed for all data centre and enterprise network applications, easy to handle and fast to install.  With tool-less installation and one click latching technology, Zettonics cassettes can be inserted and removed from both the front and the rear. They can be housed in either 1U or 2U chassis, or 0U housings. They are designed for quick and efficient network installation using Zettonics MTP/MPO trunk cables and patch cords.


Zettonics Front Cable Management


The retrofittable front cable management provides a neat routing of patch cords. Sizes suitable for both 1U or 2U chassis.

Zettonics Rear Cable Management


Zettonics rear cable management can be retrofitted to existing Zettonics 1U and 2U chassis, for securing and managing trunks and back bone cabling. 


Zettonics Front Door


Retrofittable front door with internal labelling strip. Neodymium magnets easily secure the door to the front cable management. Sizes to fit for both 1U and 2U chassis.

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